The History of WordPress and More By Kinsta

Kinsta Performance WordPress Hosting

If you were ever curious about the history of WordPress, Mark Gavalda, CEO of Kinsta Performance WordPress Hosting, has published an incredible piece on the humble beginnings of the platform we all know and love. Not only that, the article also takes an in-depth look at both the vast ecosystem and community that has sprung up around WordPress covering everything from theme shops to popular plugins ... Read More

Plugin Review: AddQuicktag


There is no shortage of plugins out there to customize WordPress and make it your own. One of my all time favourites is AddQuicktag by Frank Bültge. This handy tool lets you add or remove whatever buttons you want to and from the post toolbar via a simple GUI without having to alter core files (which is something you shouldn't do). Once activated, the plugin adds a new menu item located at ... Read More

Plugin Review: Dashboard Maintenance Mode


For several years my favourite maintenance mode plugin was one aptly called Maintenance Mode by Michael Wöhrer. It was a wonderful little plugin that not only applied a 503 HTTP header but also included the ability to use a custom HTML page. So naturally I was disappointed to discover the plugin was no longer in the WordPress Plugin Directory. My search for a replacement turned up many ... Read More